Kubectl create service suggested that modify the firewall rules, ask God guidance! ! !

The tips are as follows:
You have exposed your service on an external port on all nodes in your
If you want to expose this service to the external internet, you may
Need to set up firewall rules for the service port (s) (tcp: 32392) to serve traffic.

See http://releases.k8s.io/HEAD/do … ls.md for more details.
Services / redis-service-nodeport

Services can create success, but it seems to be no use, is the need to set what firewall rules? ? Rookie is really a headache . . 2016-01-18 add comment share it

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    We agreed from:

    Do not worry that it is a reminder that you are using the pattern is NodePort you put the 32392 port to expose it on the Internet it suggests that you add some firewall strategies to restrict access

    This service is really successful if you feel that there is no use that may not be associated with:

    Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.