Harbor use, use private mirror library to do mirror ▫ 405 78 error

Problem Description:
Set up a good harbor after the use of the local mirror library to do harbor mirror, docker configuration ExecStart = / usr / bin / docker daemon -H fd: // -D –registry-mirror = –insecure- Registry
If you do not consider harbor, a separate push image can push to a private mirror library. If added to harbor's harbor / Deploy / config / registry / config.yml
Remoteurl: https://registry-1.docker.io

Command line login harbor, to the corresponding account in the corresponding project push mirror harbor reported

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  • Error "auth.user.name = xxx err.code = unsupported err.message =" The operation is unsupported
    HTTP / 1.1 "405 78" "" 2016-05-10 add comment share it

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      Remoteurl: https://registry-1.docker.io
      Should be him, and get rid of it

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