Customized Hyperfusion Infrastructure for Containers – Presented by Rancher in partnership with Redapt


In recent years, in the forefront of data center technology, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) is one of the most innovative technology. Ever since I heard that metaphor for the "data center iPhone" proposed by Nutanix, a super-fusion infrastructure creator, I became a hardcore fan of a super-fused infrastructure.

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Rancher Labs is a container technology infrastructure provider headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, and Rancher is an efficient and easy-to-use corporate container cloud platform.
Yunsu Network is a strategic partner of Rancher Labs, with R & D and operations centers in Silicon Valley, China and Southeast Asia.


I have held a number of positions in my previous work experience: CEO of, founder of CloudStack and CTO of Citrix's CloudPlatform business unit, as well as companies and businesses that want to transition their data centers to next-generation cloud infrastructures. But the biggest challenge has been how to harmonize the different technologies from a variety of vendors in an orderly manner into a reliable cloud platform. Today's ultra-converged infrastructure is a simple and elegant solution to this complex problem, which is a handy and ready-to-use infrastructure experience. Through the ultra-fused infrastructure to hide the complexity of the underlying, so that the data center operators easier maintenance.

Virtual machines are commonly used in today's data centers to carry workloads, and of course super-fading infrastructure can also be used to support this architecture. However, the type of core workload in the data center is also changing. Since last year, the Docker container has become a popular type of data center workload. At the same time, Rancher began to see the market for Docker containers to customize and optimize the infrastructure solutions as a demand.

Today, the Rancher team and Redapt jointly unveiled a container-rich infrastructure platform. This solution can be in the data center to deploy a complete set of complete container service platform , and integrates the container automation configuration deployment tool, the following together to see the specific situation:


Supports virtual machines and containers

Rancher's solution was designed to support both virtual machines and containers, and this implementation was validated and deployed on a large scale. Starting in April 2015, the program has been tried in the RancherVM project and has received very good feedback from many users. The advantage of running a virtual machine in a container is that you can use the same tools to manage virtual machines and containers at the same time. In fact, because the virtual machine and container behavior is very similar, Rancher for the Docker container developed by the Rancher CLI command line and UI graphical interface can be seamlessly applicable to the virtual machine.

On the other hand, by using RancherOS as the underlying operating system for the converged infrastructure platform, RancherOS's kernel is compiled to support KVM virtualization perfectly. As shown in the following figure, Rancher and RancherOS together constitute the complete software stack required for the Hypercombined Infrastructure Solution Platform:


Containerized storage service

All of the more important components of a hypercombined infrastructure solution are distributed storage. By leveraging Rancher's other major release-persistent storage service, the Hyper-Fusion infrastructure has the unique ability to use multiple distributed storage. Users can decide to deploy software-defined storage platforms for their applications. This solution not only narrows the range of faults, but also improves reliability. The impact of a distributed storage background can only be the application of the distributed storage system.


So that users can simultaneously deploy open source and commercial storage software, and these storage software can be packaged like Docker containers. Rancher is bringing Gluster and NexentaEdge into its ultra-converged infrastructure platform and plans to support more storage products in the future.

Introduce Docker Mirror Ecosystem

Successful hypermedgement infrastructure programs typically target running mainstream workloads, such as databases or virtual desktops. But the Docker ecosystem provides more richer operational applications for Rancher's ultra-converged architecture solution. Take only the example of DockerHub, which provides thousands of Docker images. In addition, Rancher not only makes it easy to run a single container, but also through the Compose, Swarm and Kubernets to schedule and deploy large-scale application cluster. Rancher Labs has completed a number of mainstream DevOps tools for certification and packaging. Users can deploy a complete ELK cluster to a super-converged architecture.



Rancher has been working with Redapt for many years. As early as 2011, when the team and Redapt cooperation, through CloudStack jointly built by more than 40,000 physical servers formed the largest private cloud platform. Rancher is very impressed with Redapt's technical ability, innovation and professionalism. Today, building a converged infrastructure solution requires closer collaboration between software vendors and hardware vendors. Rancher is fortunate to work with Redapt again to create the first ultra-converged infrastructure tailored specifically for the container solution for the market.


Rancher and Redapt are currently working with those interested customers to start the deployment. At the same time plans in the first half of 2016 to officially release the ultra-integrated infrastructure program. If you would like to learn about this converged infrastructure with Rancher and Redapt engineers, please contact us! (Note: Rancher China discussion group has been opened, more problems can be grouped with Rancher founding team real-time communication.)

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